Welcome to my electronic portfolio and GU VET Ally Program (GUVAP) website. My name is Paul de León, and I'm a an active duty Army Major and a Master of Arts candidate in Georgetown University's Department of English.  I am honored to have this opportunity as a part of the Army's Advanced Civil Schooling program.  At the culmination of my education at Georgetown, I will teach English at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY.

    These pages represent two years of work and scholarship aimed at improving the veteran experience on Georgetown's campus as well as throughout institutions of post-secondary education​ across the nation. This work stems not only from my experience in the military, but also through valuable interactions with veterans in the DC area.  The culmination of this work was the creation of the GUVAP, which you can read more about within this site.

    My identity as a Soldier, a member of the United States Armed Forces, and an educator has deeply influenced my experience and continues to drive me to serve veterans and service-members.

    Please feel free to explore these pages and contact me with any questions or comments.

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